Character Day

At the P.A.C.E Foundation, part of our mission is to empower teenagers to make good decisions. We know that character education plays a significant role in helping people of all ages in their decision making and this is why we are excited to bring the global Character Day movement to the Bahamas!

The PACE Foundation, Bahamas AIDS Foundation & Lyford Cay Foundations FOCUS, have partnered to host Character Day in The Bahamas, an international project led by the Emmy-nominated film studio, Let It Ripple.

We invite schools, business, churches, civic groups, non-profit organizations, families and individuals to join us during the month of September. Be a part of this global conversation about the importance of developing and improving character. This event is devoted to developing who we are, and who we want to be.

Why Character Day?

Character, the distinguishing mental and moral qualities built into a person’s life, it is the most valuable aspect of our personhood. Studies have shown that intentional development of character and focus on social and emotional learning leads to improvement in academic performance, sense of self, behaviour, and relationships.

Character Day films and activities generate conversation on 24-character traits, grouped into 6 categories on the Periodic Table of Character Strengths. Events are intrinsically linked to the five key competencies of social and emotional learning – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Character influences individual success and impacts the way in which our society functions. It therefore important for us to ask ourselves who we are, and who we want to be in this ever-changing world.

What do people do for Character Day?

Host a Character-Building Event – Your event can look and feel any way you like and occur any time in September. View films, have small group discussions, join global live webcasts and participate in team building exercises ……. the possibilities are endless!

  • Host

    Host a Character Development event during the month of September

  • Get Creative

    Be Creative! Your event should work for you and can be done anyway that you like, or you can use any of the resources available on the Character Day website at the link above. There are free films, live webcasts, discussion materials and activities.

  • Post & Share

    Post about your event using #cultivatingcharacter. Share your posts to the Character Day Bahamas Facebook page and to

  • Apply

    Apply by September 15th for a $500 grant to support a long-term character education project. Contact us by email for further information.

How to prepare for Character Day?

Attend one of our workshops where we will provide everything you need including information, tips and materials to turn you into a Character Day Champion! Leave the workshop with resources and a plan for your event.

For further information, please email us at

Character Day is open to all: schools, youth organizations, workplaces, churches, businesses.