The rationale behind forming the Foundation was to ensure that the PACE Program received a purposed-built facility, and that the Program increased is circle of influence in the community.


The PACE School is a special program for teenage mothers unable to complete school due to their pregnancy. The Program has been able to see many young women to a place where they an stand alone as a supportive parent and a strong woman.


The PACE Foundation offers support to teen mothers through Health and Safety, Child Care, Seminars
Resume & Summer Employment Assistance

Bahamas at Sunrise Segment

PACE Program Principal Ms Miller recently participated in an interview with Bahamas at Sunrise

Celebrating 50 Years

PACE Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

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Character Day

At the P.A.C.E Foundation, part of our mission is to empower teenagers to make good decisions. We know that character education plays a significant role in helping people of all ages in their decision making and this is why we are excited to bring the global Character Day movement to the Bahamas! Learn more…




To mobilize communities, Government and the Private Sector for increased opportunities for at risk teenagers and teenage mothers, and to empower teenagers to make healthy decisions about relationships, sex and parenting.


PACE values youth as assets in our country, and believes in their capacity to make positive choices when they are informed, educated and empowered by supportive families, communities and governments. PACE therefore envisions healthy and productive Bahamian youth, with the skills as adults to support, build and maintain strong families, strong communities and a strong Bahama Land.

Applying to PACE Program

Applying to the PACE Program is easy. Please review the application process and see documents required for admission.

Program Academics

To assist the student/teen mother who has demonstrated a keen interest in school and who can benefit from returning to the normal school environment.