Teen mothers are provided health education classes that focus on pre and post-natal care, family planning options, women’s health issues, and diet and nutrition. Additionally, they are exposed to safety training that can potentially save lives and protect their environment.

Health and Safety Training

Child Care

To assist teen mothers who are faced with economic hardships, the PACE Foundation incurs the cost of daycare. This venture increased the number of teen mothers who attended the PACE Programme on a regular basis. Therefore, the PACE Foundation actively and diligently seeks to partner with local nurseries and preschools to offer free or reduced rates for childcare for teen mothers.

The PACE Foundation hosts an annual, national forum initiative entitled “Talk To Me”, which seeks to educate parents about effective means to communicate with their children about social, developmental, and psychological issues. Additionally, the PACE Foundation facilitates motivational seminars for teen mothers throughout the academic year.


Resume & Summer Employment Assistance

The Pace Program Youth Development leader is available to assist students with resume writing and layout as well assistance in job placement.
For additional details please email: [email protected]