Alumni of the PACE Program credit PACE and its efforts as we have helped them on their journey. The following are testimonials from former students . It should be noted that due to confidentiality, false names were provided.

Hurdling trial

Being in PACE has really helped me grow and see life in a different perspective. At first i did not want to go but everyone there turned out to be a second family to me they taught me so much and helped alot with parenting skills. They even pushed me to continue with getting my diploma and doing my bgcse. Even though i went into labour right after my exam lol. The team there is amazing and will always lift up your spirits. 🙂

My journey

Pace is an amazing program that helps teen mothers become the best parents they can be. The program also helps us receive an education so that we can succeed in life and make our kid/kids proud. Pace has taught me a lot of things that I once thought were not important and I am very grateful for the wonderful teachers, principle, guidance counselor, staff and Ms Taylor for their impact on my life.

A break through

Pace has changed my life?, I went there sad and depressed and left with many lessons and blessings! At PACE there are many different people who encouraged me and gave advice especially when I was at my lowest?. Currently I’m doing very great in school…even better than I’ve ever done before? thanks to the teachers, guidance counselor, principal and Ms Taylor!??

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