The PACE Foundation


The PACE Foundation was created in 2003 by the Zonta Club of Nassau through the leadership of Dr. Midred Hall-Watson. The rationale behind forming the Foundation was to ensure that the PACE Program received a purposed-built facility, and that the Program increased is circle of influence in the community. The Zonta Club had been involved with the PACE Program since the 1980s through a career seminar program called Creating Opportunities for Teenage Mothers (COFTEM) headed by Bridget Murray.

In the


Today, the PACE Foundation strives to further assist PACE students by

  • developing individual education plans and better utilizing an online learning platform initiative established with the help of the Lyford Cay Foundation and Rotary East Nassau.
  • The Foundation is also undertaking measures to do a better job of tracking our students beyond PACE, assisting with:
    • job placement
    • job training
    • and various costs that arise when raising a child.

The Pace Foundation


What is the


The PACE School is a special program for teenage mothers unable to complete school due to their pregnancy. The PACE Program has been able to see many young women through the ups and downs of their journey to a place where they an stand alone as a supportive parent and a strong woman. The PACE Program has been assisting teenage mothers since 1969.

The Pace Foundation

Character Day

Most of us are familiar with the attributes of good character. They include values like doing your best and never giving up or grit, and finding the bright side of every situation or optimism. While many of these traits are considered traditional elements of Bahamian culture, they are traits that are heralded the world over. Scientists are now documenting the importance of character building in all aspects of our lives and artists are creating fun ways to share these lessons. Put it all together and you have Character Day!

Character Day Essentials

At the P.A.C.E Foundation, part of our mission is to empower teenagers to make good decisions. We know that character education plays a significant role in helping people of all ages in their decision making and this is why we are excited to bring the global Character Day movement to the Bahamas!