PACE School


PACE School is governed by the PACE Foundation, which is a non-profit entity established in 2004. The PACE foundation engages both private and public sectors towards initiatives concerning the overall operation of the school and its opportunities for students. PACE School was founded in 1969 by Mrs. Andrea Archer to assist new and existing teen moms whom had difficulties completing school. Since its opening, the school has been effective in providing support services to young mothers pre and post pregnancy.

Why We Do

What We Do

We believe in YOU! Your age, ethnicity, race, socio-economic class, or educational level does not determine your value or worth. We at PACE appreciate all teens in our country and view them as assets to the country’s development. We believe that when properly educated and informed persons are compelled to make more positive life choices. We aim to increase opportunities provided for teen moms and empower them to make healthy decisions around parenting, relationships and sex. You are not less than, or deserve less than due to being a teen mom. You deserve the best and we at PACE will try our best to provide you with topnotch services that the Bahamas has to offer. We do what we do because, everyone needs a helping hand and we do not discriminate or turn our backs on our own. By helping teen moms, we are not only changing their lives but changing the lives of all whom come in contact with them. We at PACE are here to help build and maintain strong families, strong communities and a strong Bahamaland.

What is the


The PACE Program is a special school for teenage mothers unable to complete school due to their pregnancy. The PACE Program has been able to see many young women through the ups and downs of their journey to a place where they can stand alone as a supportive parent and a strong woman. The PACE Program has been assisting teenage mothers since 1969.

How we assist at the


The PACE Proram values teenagers as assets in our country, and we especially believe in their capacity to make positive choices when they are informed educated, and empowered by supportive people. PACE aims to provide increased opportunities for teenage mothers and empower them to make healthy decisions about relationships sex and parenting.

What We Offer

  • Academic Support

    Academic support in line with your current grade level including BJC/BGCSE exams

  • Psychological & Emotional Support

    Psychological and emotional support – we have an on-site guidance counselor you can always talk to

  • Skills Development

    Skill Development through on-campus workshops and guest speakers

  • Parenting Skills

    Parenting Skills training so you can be the best mother you can be to your child

  • Provisions

    Supplies for you and your baby

Attending PACE School

Program Enrollment

Applying to the PACE Program is easy. Please click the button below to review the application process.